Royal commission into Perth’s Crown casino to go in advance

Western Australia will keep a royal commission into Crown’s suitability to keep a gaming licence in Perth.

It comes after last month’s Bergin inquiry into the embattled gambling large, which in depth decades of money laundering via Crown Perth via intercontinental felony organisations and led to the state’s main casino officer being stood apart.

“The royal fee will primarily examine or enquire into the same issues that ended up introduced when we introduced our inquiry on February 16, they being the suitability of Crown to operate a casino in Perth,” WA Racing and Gaming Minister Paul Papalia stated.

Victoria will also keep a royal fee into Crown Casino. (Joe Armao)

“What they require to do to become suitable, in the event that they are found not to be.

“And also, to examine the suitability of our regulatory environment and address no matter if or not there have been any conflicts of fascination.”

The commissioners will be previous Supreme Court judges Neville Owen AO and Lindy Jenkins, and previous auditor general for Western Australia Colin Muprhy PSC.

The supply of the report will be handed down on November 14, 2021.

Victoria will also keep a royal commission into Crown’s Melbourne on line casino.