Naima Stevenson Starks talks NCAA stance on sporting activities betting

As the U.S. warms to the notion of online sports activities betting, the NCAA has taken techniques to defend its athletes. Deputy Common Counsel of the NCAA, Naima Stevenson Starks sat down with’s Becky Liggero Fontana to describe her organisation’s stance in direction of betting involving university student athletes and sustaining the integrity of those competitions. 

Stevenson Starks shared those worries that the NCAA has in the direction of online sports activities betting in the U.S.:

“The two [concerns] are the integrity of athletic level of competition, and how that could potentially be impacted by a proliferation of legalized sports activities wagering. And then the 2nd is seriously the overall health and effectively-currently being of student athletes.“

Stevenson included that the NCAA is established to keep neighborhood student organisations educated of key rules. 

“Even although we are observing legalization of sports activities wagering, it is however a violation of NCAA policies. I do imagine persons and member institutions really want to make certain that their pupil athletes are aware, so that they really don’t wander by themselves into any kind of issues,” she stated.

In the comprehensive interview, Stevenson describes the NCAA’s technique to integrity and elaborates even more on the concerns the organisation has to U.S. sports betting. And if you have not yet, view all of our video clips as they go up by subscribing to the YouTube channel.